ADPT – Final Collection

With Graduate Fashion Week just around the corner I can’t quite believe that my 4 years at Northumbria have come to an end and I’m stepping in to full adult working life. Lord help me.

As much as its been stressful and hard work, final year has really pushed me to go above my usual expectations, after all its what reflects me as a designer and is whats visible to employers. Gal needs a well paid job to fund all these vaycays.

Anyhow… My final collection is named ADPT and is made up of three looks which I designed and made myself – medals to me because I could barely sew on a button when I started 4 years ago!

ADPT is a collection of multi-seasonal statement outerwear pieces combining adjustability and agility with an urban twist.  With a starting point of survival and protection of a travelling refugee the ADPT brand focuses on aiding the endeavours of being on the go incorporating adjustability into garments to allow for multifunctional urban streetwear brand. ADPT aims to lower garment consumption rates striving towards a more sustainable fashion future by offering garments for multi-purpose meeting every need.

Here is a quick look at my work, from sketch to reality.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 11.10.48




My main concept jacket is my favourite piece. The jacket can be worn styled down or folded up and secured by buckles revealing the reflective lining and inside pockets.


The red scuba jacket comes with attachable clip on reflective pocket bags (they do exist they’re just not in the shoot). The buckles can be adjusted and the idea is that any of the ADPT clip on range can be attached. The interchange trouser shorts pretty much speak for themselves and carry through a multi-seasonal garment.


A little gutted I didn’t get chance to shoot the gilet with this look, I was literally still sewing it up! Dungarees with attachable pockets and adjustable traps. The gilet also comes in two layers to be worn cropped or full length to the users preference.

**Images have been compressed for copyright**

Big thanks to my model for letting me shoot and thanks to the universe for not raining on the only 1 day I could ha!

My work will be showcased 3rd-6th June at Graduate Fashion Week on the Northumbria stand and will be in the Northumbria Reveal Exhibition from 14th June.

I’m progressing my career in fashion buying so its sad and crazy to think that this could be the last of my design days. Northumbria has been a dream in disguise and has pushed me towards the best opportunities but its time to make bigger and better moves.

Chao for now


P.S Selling any of my pieces for bare cash if anyone is interested in some one off adaptable pieces, slide straight to the dm’s.

Also a link to my online portfolio here


My five skincare saviours

I’m no skincare expert, I have oily skin but fortunately rarely have bad breakouts. These are the products that I’ve found work best for me and my skin type that don’t break the bank.


1. Garnier Micellar Water

The Holy Grail. Surely this is in every girls skin regime by now? After years of thinking make up wipes removed everything, naaa. Before bed and first thing on a morning (also actually helps to wake me up).


2. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum 

So this ones a little on the pricey side, but you only need a few small drops each time so it lasts absolutely ages! I’ve only just used half of my bottle that I’ve had since January. I know this is an antiaging product (which I shouldn’t need at 21) but it really does make a difference to having just generally healthier radiant skin. Plus prevention is cheaper than the cure so avoiding the need for botox down the line is another thought.


3. L’Oreal Pure Clay Purity Mask

Thick clay masks are my fave. I use a mask around once a week or whenever my skins feeling particularly groggy (usually after an unnecessary cheat weekend – poor diet literally beams out of my face like spot city). The purity mask is aimed at oily skin to mattify so great for my shiny face. Its an affordable price and I’m pretty sure they have other ranges for different skin types. 


4. L’Oreal Triple Active Day Cream 

I have no idea how people can go about their daily lives without moisturising their face? Like I literally cannot go to bed without it because my skin feels weird and tight, maybe thats just me? Either way I always opt for a good face cream from L’Oreal. I usually opt for one for oily skin, anything to be rid of the shine.


5. No7 Total Renewal Micro-Dermabrasion Exfoliator

I usually use this when I’m in the shower and feel like my face needs a good scrub. Exfoliating helps to get rid of dead skin cells and increases your blood circulation meaning healthier skin. Plus theres just something about a good face scrub that makes me feel cleaner.


Aside from these products the only other thing that does wonders for my skin is the sun. Yes I know I’ll age sooner and the long list of skin damage risks but a bit of vitamin D clears up my spots, makes me look less zombie like and loads healthier.


Bedroom Re-vamp

Since being away at uni over the last three years re-decorating my bedroom has been pushed to the back of my to do list and I’ve had to stare at my god awful brown and gold flowery wallpaper and magnolia walls every trip home.

This being the first summer I’ve spent at home since being a student (because I think I’m some kind of lady of leisure catching flights busy body lol) I thought no time like the present to finally give my bedroom a little TLC.

Lick of paint, new bedding and colour scheme has resulted in a total makeover and I love it!

After endless Pinterest inspo boards I knew I wanted to go for a monochrome feel with just a little colour from cushions etc that way I can easily change up when I’m bored of dusky pinks without breaking the bank and having to redo everything. My current furniture was already white and pretty decent so nothing was bought new which saved a lot of ££££.

Take a look…




Bedding: Next £40, Curtains: Next £50, Cushions: Matalan all £12 & under, Merino Wool Throw (lets all just take a few seconds because I am obsessed with this): Amazon £36, Wall Paint: Dulux Goose Down £14×2, Light shade: B&M £10, Bin: Matalan £4


Make up organiser: Amazon £13, Brush holder: Matalan £3, all I want is a small clock to complete, before my table was such a cluttered mess I want as little on there as possible.


White qube shelving: B&M £7 for 3, Black frames: Ikea £4 each, R wooden letter: Matalan £3, prints are from Desino and good old Pinterest


Wire wall display: Matalan £10, so many cute polaroid pics to be added to this!


Mirror: Ikea £35 – finally a full wall mirror I don’t have to stand 100m away from to see my outfit.

Total of £250

Wow – so when I first started typing this I expected the total to be a lot lower as I was going for more of a bedroom on a budget kind of angle hahah but oh well. My Mum was nice enough to pay for the bedding and curtains so its not all bad and I love the outcome!


Wednesday Workout Playlist

After forgetting my headphones the last few times to the gym I can fully appreciate the effect music has on my motivation. If I haven’t got an upbeat song in my ear then I quite frankly can’t be arsed, especially with cardio.


I thought it was all in my head and I couldn’t actually feel more sluggish without my earphones in but research has shown your endurance can increase up to 15% when listening to music while exercising. Good enough for me.

I always have a go to ‘Cardio’ playlist on my phone and try to change it up a little every couple of months. It’s a bit of a mixture but always upbeat and fast to keep me going. Here’s my top 10 at the mo:


Kanye West – Black Skinhead (major motivator for hill sprints)

Major Lazer & Sean Paul – Come On To Me

MK & Becky Hill – Piece of Me

Toddla T – Beast

Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound

Chris Brown – Beautiful People

Pendulum – Propane Nightmares

Shakka ft Frisco – Rollin’

Chase & Status – No Problem

Beyonce ft Jay Z – Upgrade U

Playlist link>>> here 


Wobble to Model – Almost There 

Just over halfway through the Results With Lucy Wobble to Model program and I’m feeling loads better! 

To be honest even after the first week or so of sorting out my diet I felt loads better about myself. Eating well has such a big effect on my mindset, healthy body healthy mind as it goes. 

Workouts have been totally manageable only 45 minutes at home so it’s easily squeezed in through my day and I’ve still been at the gym when I’ve felt I could do more cardio. 

Having to put my plan on a slight pause while I’m away in India… the workouts I can keep up with because nearly every hotel has wifi but the diet is almost impossible! It’s recommended to avoid their salad incase it’s not washed and everything else is, well curry. They even serve it at breakfast. 

Minor set back but still all in all moving forward… small progress is still good progress.

Lucy Meck is just something else 😍😍

Check out some of the Results With Lucy plans >> Results With Lucy Plans


Wobble to Model – Results With Lucy

After last year doing loads of gym classes, cardio sessions and insanity workouts I thought I’d try something a little different this year to shift the winter weight rather than joining your average overcrowded gym or dreadful juice diet.

Its no secret that Lucy Mecklenburgh has an insaaaane body and I’ve followed her on insta for years which is what lead me to Results with Lucy. With different plan options for different needs and levels I opted for Wobble to Model a 6 week program part of the Class of 2017, designed to shed excess weight and tone up. They’re basically an online platform full of workout videos, diet tips, progress plans and health advice.


A major benefit for me is that you can do everything from home! Juggling uni and a part time job is a struggle, you really need all the time you can get so eliminating the travel time to the gym is a plus!


Meal plans are another thing I think will help me massively. I know whats good and whats not but having a plan which works out all the nutritional stuff for you makes things so much easier! Can’t wait to try some of the dessert recipes.

Starting the program today so in 6 weeks expect some impressive progress pictures (I hope!)


Take a look some of their great plans, workouts and recipes >>>> RWL



New Year New Goals

What a blast 2016 has been. Each new years I look back and think theres no way next year can top this one… and surprisingly it always does. I’m grateful that I’m able to live the life that I have and that I’ve had so many amazing opportunities come my way.

I didn’t really set any new years resolutions last year (if I did they can’t have been that significant because I don’t remember haaa) but I think what I changed was my attitude and outlook on life.

Just go for it. Get shit done. If you don’t do it now then you never will.

Taking this approach forced me into some amazing things last year, Climbing Kilimanjaro  being just one. I think I enjoy being out of my comfort zone or maybe more so the feeling of accomplishment you get after achieving something. Setting goals that excite and scare you at the same time.


Day 2 of Kilimanjaro

For 2017 the majority of my resolutions and long term goals will be the same (why fix whats not broken), but the rest are small and simple. Even baby steps lead up to good progress…

  1.  Get at least 8 hours sleep (or try) and do not stay up until 3am doing uni work.
  2. Master the poached egg (without a poacher or cup)
  3. Not to buy the same thing in different colours and remind myself I’m a student on a budget.
  4. Spend less time on social media – its scary how many hours of our lives are probably spent scrolling on our phones.
  5. Stay out of my comfort zone, try everything at least once.
  6. And finally (cliche and obligatory) smash in the fruit & veggies and cardio sessions until I look like Margot Robbie.

New Year New Diary – Big up this Amelia Lane Life Designer and its cute monthly quotes.

Heres to another year of happiness, accomplishments, great friends and great experiences. Also to not leaving the tap running when you brush your teeth – shame on you people!





Cohorted Beauty Box Review

There are so many beauty boxes out there at the minute, selling to a mass market, pushing products and providing miniature samples of products we know and love. But lets be honest miniatures aren’t satisfying in the slightest and its full sized goodness us beauty lovers need to curb our cosmetic cravings.


I’ve been working with Cohorted since November and their boxes are yet to disappoint. They offer a subscription service for £35 (but you can cancel anytime, even after 1 month) and feature full sized luxury beauty products from the likes of Nars, Too Faced, Lancome, Mac… you see where I’m going.

The black box packaging is great and products even better so I thought I’d review a box from earlier this year…

Product 1 – NARS Monoi Body Glow 2 – £25

I’ve always been a little sceptical about body oil (having super oily skin) so I’ve been adding this into my bath instead for super smooth skin. It’s made from soaking the Tiare Flower in Coconut oil which looks really cute in the bottle. Retailing at £25 being included in the box is really good value for money!

Product 2 – HD Brows Eyebrow Pallet – £30

The eyebrow game has seriously blown up this year and making sure brows are presentable is up there with brushing your teeth in the morning routine. This HD pallet is great because it accommodates for different shades and is worth just £5 less than what you spend on the whole box.

Product 3 – Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil – £30

This smells sooo nice! Removes make up with ease and leaves you feeling moisturised. A quick luxurious way to cleanse from another great brand.

Product 4 – Vintage Cosmetics Company Blending Sponge – £5.95

Sponges, brushes… can you ever really have too many? Their packaging has a Cath Kidston vibe and adds a bit of colour to the box. Cute.

Product 5 – Bella Pierre Mineral Lipstick – £20

This product is part of Cohorted’s brand discovery whereby new up and coming brands feature in the box. Bella Pierre offer chemical free cosmetics and won the Natural Health International Beauty Award in 2016. Loving the envy shade in the July beauty box.

Product 6 – Lancome Le Correcteur Pro – £29.50

I am yet to try this, but I’m a major sufferer of under eye dark circles so every little helps! Another leading make up brand so I’m confident their product will live up to the Lancome reputation.

So the box value comes to well over £100 and comes with a booklet with product info and exclusive discounts. The Cohorted Beauty Box 100% has my seal of approval. The minimal black packaging and products from luxury brands are what sets them aside from other beauty boxes out there cough cough tacky. Well worth the money.

Check them out >>> Cohorted


Transitional Tee’s

September and October are those awkward months when you’re not quite sure what you should wear. It could be full on fur coats in the morning and then heatstroke by 3pm. Annoying!

When I looked through my Autumn / Winter wardrobe (which is seriously lacking this year as I don’t have the funds) I realised I’ve collected a fair few t-shirt dresses than I realised. Versatile, oversized and comfortable – reasons to pick a tee dress over a skin tight bodycon.

I dug out a few of my faves this year… here they are dressed up and dressed down.


Tee dress: Baziic

Jacket: Zara

Boots: Ego

Bag: H&M


Tee dress: Baziic

Jacket: Miss Selfridge

Trainers: Stradivarius



Jacket: House of CB

T-shirt Dress: Zara

Boots: Ego


Jacket: Nike

T-shirt Dress: Zara

Trainers: Stradivarius
Tee: Rebellious Fashion

Shoes: Office

Chocker: Depop
Jacket: Zara

Jeans: Topshop

Tee: Rebellious Fashion

Trainers: Stradivarius

Things you loved as a 90’s kid


The 90’s are longggggg gone even though some of this only seems a few years ago its now working on 20! Looking back some of the stuff we loved seems ridiculously simple while others have already cycled their way back into mainstream fashion. The 90’s was an exceptional decade to grow up and there’s a fair few reasons why…

Butterfly clips

If you didn’t twist your hair into some funky butterfly flips then were you even a 90’s chick?!


Mood rings

‘Purple’… ‘That definitely means you’re looking for love’


Crimping your hair 

What an absolute task for us thick/long haired girls. Even so everyone had crimped hair at least once in their childhood


if Britney did it then so did we

MASH predicted your future

No need for therapy, psychiatrists, fortune tellers. MASH was your true destiny even if it meant you would marry Justin Timberlake and live in the garden shed.


Tattoo chokers

Still a big trend but the original chokers were tattoo style and came in bracelets and rings, only the super cool had the full set.


Origami fortune teller

How did we come up with this stuff? I life without iPhones thats how.



Your scrunchie must have matched your school dress at all times. Another 90’s trend thats crept back into the high street.


Blonde streaks

Wearing your stripes with pride. We all went there at some point. And those of us that didn’t all wanted to but just weren’t allowed.


Cassette tapes and Floppy disks

Before everything became micro and a floppy disk was kinda fancy and high tech, haa!

Scooby strings

How great were these though? If you could make a twisted one then you were a good but if you could make a double twist then you were a god damn pro!


surely a skill for the CV?


Todays equivalent of American Horror Story? Maybe a little more PG but not the best idea for a bed time story.


Are you afraid of the dark?

Spice Girls
Ultimate 90’s icons, everyone had their favourite spice girl.

If you weren’t born in the 90’s then I feel a tad sorry for you