Wobble to Model – Results With Lucy

After last year doing loads of gym classes, cardio sessions and insanity workouts I thought I’d try something a little different this year to shift the winter weight rather than joining your average overcrowded gym or dreadful juice diet.

Its no secret that Lucy Mecklenburgh has an insaaaane body and I’ve followed her on insta for years which is what lead me to Results with Lucy. With different plan options for different needs and levels I opted for Wobble to Model a 6 week program part of the Class of 2017, designed to shed excess weight and tone up. They’re basically an online platform full of workout videos, diet tips, progress plans and health advice.


A major benefit for me is that you can do everything from home! Juggling uni and a part time job is a struggle, you really need all the time you can get so eliminating the travel time to the gym is a plus!


Meal plans are another thing I think will help me massively. I know whats good and whats not but having a plan which works out all the nutritional stuff for you makes things so much easier! Can’t wait to try some of the dessert recipes.

Starting the program today so in 6 weeks expect some impressive progress pictures (I hope!)


Take a look some of their great plans, workouts and recipes >>>> RWL




2 thoughts on “Wobble to Model – Results With Lucy

    • rosewhitelam says:

      So sorry I’ve only just seen your comment! Yeah home work outs are so much more convenient! At the moment I’m sticking to a few Insanity workouts which are really challenging but so good for getting a workout when I’m short for time! xx


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