Wobble to Model – Almost There 

Just over halfway through the Results With Lucy Wobble to Model program and I’m feeling loads better! 

To be honest even after the first week or so of sorting out my diet I felt loads better about myself. Eating well has such a big effect on my mindset, healthy body healthy mind as it goes. 

Workouts have been totally manageable only 45 minutes at home so it’s easily squeezed in through my day and I’ve still been at the gym when I’ve felt I could do more cardio. 

Having to put my plan on a slight pause while I’m away in India… the workouts I can keep up with because nearly every hotel has wifi but the diet is almost impossible! It’s recommended to avoid their salad incase it’s not washed and everything else is, well curry. They even serve it at breakfast. 

Minor set back but still all in all moving forward… small progress is still good progress.

Lucy Meck is just something else 😍😍

Check out some of the Results With Lucy plans >> Results With Lucy Plans



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