Bedroom Re-vamp

Since being away at uni over the last three years re-decorating my bedroom has been pushed to the back of my to do list and I’ve had to stare at my god awful brown and gold flowery wallpaper and magnolia walls every trip home.

This being the first summer I’ve spent at home since being a student (because I think I’m some kind of lady of leisure catching flights busy body lol) I thought no time like the present to finally give my bedroom a little TLC.

Lick of paint, new bedding and colour scheme has resulted in a total makeover and I love it!

After endless Pinterest inspo boards I knew I wanted to go for a monochrome feel with just a little colour from cushions etc that way I can easily change up when I’m bored of dusky pinks without breaking the bank and having to redo everything. My current furniture was already white and pretty decent so nothing was bought new which saved a lot of ££££.

Take a look…




Bedding: Next £40, Curtains: Next £50, Cushions: Matalan all £12 & under, Merino Wool Throw (lets all just take a few seconds because I am obsessed with this): Amazon £36, Wall Paint: Dulux Goose Down £14×2, Light shade: B&M £10, Bin: Matalan £4


Make up organiser: Amazon £13, Brush holder: Matalan £3, all I want is a small clock to complete, before my table was such a cluttered mess I want as little on there as possible.


White qube shelving: B&M £7 for 3, Black frames: Ikea £4 each, R wooden letter: Matalan £3, prints are from Desino and good old Pinterest


Wire wall display: Matalan £10, so many cute polaroid pics to be added to this!


Mirror: Ikea £35 – finally a full wall mirror I don’t have to stand 100m away from to see my outfit.

Total of £250

Wow – so when I first started typing this I expected the total to be a lot lower as I was going for more of a bedroom on a budget kind of angle hahah but oh well. My Mum was nice enough to pay for the bedding and curtains so its not all bad and I love the outcome!



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